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Grahini's Advice

Grahini is a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income. Grahini is a person whose prime occupation is to care for their family and/or home. The term Grahini is used in India for a housewife. The terms (informal) stay-at-home mom are also used particularly if the person views their central role as caring for children. All these terms fail to convey the diversity of activities any individual might choose to pursue, such as volunteer work, outdoor activities, education, spirituality, etc.

Traditionally this role has been filled predominantly by women. It is still the case today that in many societies and groups many men and women alike view that a grahini is the natural and most fulfilling role for women. While there has been some political backlash against "feminist" attacks on traditional roles for women, there are plenty of women who have chosen to leave the workplace who fully respect other women's choice and right to pursue a career. Homemaking is not a lifetime commitment: many women, for economic or personal reasons, return to the workplace.

Modern Grahini

Some modern women are embracing the full time role of parent. Most of these women have left the paid workforce so that they can raise their children, particularly through their early years before entering kindergarten. There is considerable variability within the "stay-at-home" mom population with regards to their intent to return to the paid workforce. Some work from their home, some do part-time work, some intend to return to part or full time work when their children are in school, and others may never return to the paid workplace. Similarly, there is considerable variation in the "stay-at-home" mom's attitude towards domestic work not related to caring for children.

Some may embrace a traditional role of "housewife," where the woman cooks and cleans in addition to caring for children. But many modern grahinies see their primary role as that of child care providers -- supporting their children's physical, intellectual, and emotional development. These housewives can be found in cooperative preschools and volunteering in numerous community organizations. Other aspects of home care (shopping, cooking, cleaning, yard work, home repairs, money managing) is shared equally with their husbands or partners.


In addition to its meaning as "grahini", the term housewife is still used in the UK (and other commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.) advertising market. All homes are deemed to contain a "housewife" who is the person who is mainly responsible for the purchasing decisions of everyday goods. Although around 20% of housewives (May 06, BARB) are men the term housewife is still used in TV advertising although the term "main shopper" is used in other forms of advertising.

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